CarVital Used Car. UK Buying Guide for Used Cars.

At CarVital we wanted to create an App , which allowed users to get the best possible information about a Car before proceeding to purchase it.

With this in mind, we first of all had the Tax and MOT History information from a previous app, click_here! We now wanted to add the following New features:

  • Vehicle Specification
  • Manufacturer Recalls
  • NCAP Safety Rating

We also wanted to support the buyer with some basic information about how they should look at the car, so we created some supporting content:

  • Tips for buying a used car
  • Checklists

Both the Tips and the checklists are very detailed and should provide the consumer with plenty of information about purchasing a used car.

CarVital Used Car - Welcome Screen

We've simplified the welcome screen so that it now only requires the car registration number. We then do the rest by using 3rd Party data we can verify the Reg and start accessing the services to bring back the customer data.

CarVital Used Car - Vehicle Details Screen

We present the consumer with details about the vehicle, this is to confirm this is the vehicle they want to get info about. We also find the Vehicle Tax and MOT status.

CarVital Used Car - MOT History

Selecting the MOT History will show the user the MOT History supplied by the DVSA. This will show the Failures and Advisories.

CarVital Used Car - Vehicle Specification

Selecting the Vehicle Specification, will show the user the Tax Band, Fuel Economy, Emission Ratings and some more related data,

CarVital Used Car - Safety Rating

We also include the Safety Rating, which we retrieve from NCAP. 

CarVital Used Car - Recalls

We also get the Vehicle Recalls from the UKK Government, which allows the user to see the safety history about the vehicle and also be able to check if a recall has been applied.

Where to Buy

This app is only available to iPhone and iPad users at the moment:

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