CarVital Used Car. Engine Health Check & Tyres

CarVital Used Car - UK Buying Guide for Used Cars is a great app for looking at the cars public history and getting a full picture of it's specification.

However we anted to develop a range of tools, which will go further into understanding the vehicle at the engine level. With some technical challenges we have developed a way of communicating with the On Board Diagnostics, more commonly know as the OBD2 Port. This is a port fitted to most modern cars (last 15 years) and allows us to interrogate the car for information, which might not be readily available to our consumers.

CarVital Used Car - New Welcome Screen

The new front screen show's the Engine Health Check, Tyres and Shop

CarVital Used Car - Engine Diagnostic

The Engine Health Check at the moment checks 3 simple features, VIN, Battery Voltage and Engine RPM. The plan is to make this a much more advanced set of test and potential a test when the car is on the move.

Any discrepancies found can be followed up with full details and possible recommendations.


The video show's, how to setup the Wifi OBD2 Dongle on your iPhone and how to start the initiation sequence to connect to your vehicle and run the Engine Health Check.

CarVital Used Car - Tyres

We also added Tyres, which is a simple check on the tyres, which should be used on the vehicle and what ratings they should be set as.

CarVital iPhone iPad Tyres UsedCar CarVital Video Engine Health Check OBD OBD2

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