CarVital MOT History

CarVital MOT - Vehicle history check UK & Northern Ireland

CarVital MOT History is a easy to use very simple app, which allows the user to view the MOT History of a Car. 

We get the data from several sources:

By combining the result together we can display a very simple screen, which the the user can view up to the last 8 mot histories, provided by the DVSA and the unto date Tax information displayed by the DVLA.

CarVital MOT - Welcome Screen

The welcome screen show's the user the main functionality on offer. The MOT Search is provided as the basic app offering and we've added an in-app purchase for Reminders. This includes an MOT Reminder/Tax Reminder and an Insurance Reminder. By adding these the user has one reminder for each.

CarVital MOT - Search Results Screen - Dates Vehicle Spec Section

The Search result screen has two section the first Tax & MOT Dates and basic vehicle information, to provide further information about the car being searched. 

CarVital MOT - Search Results Screen - MOT section 

The MOT Section show's each historical record of the car, which was entered by the MOT Test Engineer. The data also includes the Reason for Failure or Advisory.

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